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Cynthia Renée Jewels - Life and Love Stories Through Gems and Jewelry

November 14, 2019

Telling stories with gems and jewelry is like speaking an enchanted language.

Hidden for millennia, gems are treasures that speak a universal language.

Cynthia Renée Marcusson is my guest this week understands the hidden language of gemstones.

Geologist turned jewelry designer, Cynthia’s adventures began with her curiosity of rock formations and unusual terrain from the car window of her family vacations.

As part of her geologic studies, she mapped two of the biggest gem producing mines in the U.S., and has thirty years experience working in the jewelry industry on various professional levels.

She discovered jewelry design while selling and presenting colored gems stores and businesses across the country.

Now she creates one of a kind jewelry pieces for clients to tell their stories with gems to celebrate the beauty we’re meant to reflect by wearing them.

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