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What are diamond certificates? How should you use them to shop for diamonds?

Diamonds. Their sparkle has captured our attention and adorned women and men for centuries.

Last episode, we dispelled four common myths and misconceptions that make diamonds mysterious and sometimes confusing to shop for.

Today, we continue with how what you don’t know about diamonds could become expensive mistakes.

We visit with a third generation diamond specialist who provides diamonds to stores, jewelers and designers from his office in New York’s Diamond District.

Marc Knobloch, with thirty years in the diamond industry, and VP of AKI Diamonds and Jewelry, instills reason to shop with confidence for anyone preparing to purchase or upgrade a diamond, and explains why they’re still the go-to gemstone to stand the test of time for all generations.

Listen to find out what you need to know about a diamond’s certificate, what its real purpose is, how to choose the right diamond, and how the Kimberley Process  safeguards the industry’s supply of diamonds against questionable sources and intent.

This is part one of two podcasts. Marc shared so much great information with me that I separated it into two episodes, so I leave you hanging,but not to worry!

Look forward to next week’s conclusion from today’s episode!

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