It’s FRIDAY, so, let’s celebrate with some gem, jewelry and fun surprises with an acrostic celebration of Friday!


For each letter of the word Friday, I feature a gemstone, item of jewelry or a special surprise!


Listen to find out what fireflies, an Aston Martin and feldspar (gems like moonstone, kunzite, labradorite, sunstone and amazonite) have to do with each other!


We start at the beginning with the letter F, then go through the remaining letters of FRIDAY, sharing gems, jewelry and an extra surprise at the end.

Even though I used FRIDAY, the gems, jewelry and extra surprise are year-round treats for any time!

Have Fun!

Jewelry, Designers and Artists featured in ths episode are:

F for Feldspar:
California Girl Jewelry with Sunstone and Kunzite jewlery

R for Ruby with Rubies from Greenland Ruby (yes! rubies are mined in Greenland!

I is for Indicolite Tourmaline with Gigi Ferrante's one of a kind Mermaid ring

D is for Danburite with a 4 carat + danburite set in 18kt rose gold with a double halo of diamonds, by California Girl Jewelry

A is for Aston Martin with a stunning bumble bee cuff from an 
Aston Martin Rapide S in onyx black, by Crash Jewelry - Jewelry made from the  slightly damaged parts of luxury and high end sports cars.

Y is Yay for Friday and summer! This last one is the surprise! A good friend, and former flight attendant, now an established artist in NYC creates fine art.
I chose to feature Sally Tharp Fine Art, and her painting entitled "The Great Escape", exhibited and for sale at Wells Gallery on Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Memories of capturing fireflies are like gems and treasures from our summers past, so I thought I'd share the same with you.

Thank you so much for listening, and getting your Jewelry Itineraries from Jewelry Navigator.

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Until next time, cross check your sparkle, and fasten those safety clasps!

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