Episode 17 The Eclectic Story and Designs of Wade and Willow Hand Forged Jewelry with Kiara Boughner

Where would you find a dragonfly carrying opals on its wings?


Or mermaids guarding labradorite?

…in the jewelry of Wade and Willow Hand Forged Jewelry!

 Today, I’m sharing the story of jewelry artist, Kiara Boughner, who uses her many artistic talents  to create Wade and Willow Hand Forged Jewelry.

 An avid rock hound and gem fanatic, Kiara has created a niche specific to unique styles inspired by designs that are eclectic, yet include themes celebrating nature with a classic flair.

 In between being a wife, mother of a toddler, part time model, rock and gem hound, designer and metalsmith, Kiara creates jewelry with stones she often sources herself with her family in the California desert.

 Kiara is lovely, with a sincere connection between the jewelry she creates for the people who love to wear it.

 Raised in a musical and creative family, Kiara shares how she navigates family, fashion modeling,  and time to pursue her passions of gem collecting and jewelry creation.

 I loved hearing how Kiara’s father instilled a love of rock and gem collecting, and provided the tools and taught her the skills to take a gem from its raw state and reveal its potential as jewelry.

 More women are finding their creative paths as metal smiths, jewelry designers and fabricators.

 I especially enjoy sharing stories like hers to inspire others to follow their creative callings.

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Thanks for joining me today, sit back, relax, and enjoy the episode, and you can find Wade and Willow Hand Forged Jewelry at wadeandwillow.com, and on Instagram, Wade and Willow Jewelry and Desgin.

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