Episode 24 Making Smart Choices for Jewelry That Lasts


Busy people need to make smart choices for jewelry that lasts.


In this episode, I share tips and features to make jewelry selections that will save you from costly repairs, and ensure a lifetime of wear and enjoyment.


Thanks so much for joining me, and enjoy the episode!

About Brenna, the Jewelry Navigator
A Graduate Gemologist with a degree in geology, Brenna has worked in the retail sector of jewlery for nearly 15 years.

With a heart for the small business owner and independent designers, Brenna fills the gap between trade show and shopper looking for unique jewelry to define life and experience.

By sharing the missions, stories and creations of artisan and independent jewelers, Jewelry Navigator brings jewelry to the shopping public that may otherwise go undiscovered.

Visit jewelrynavigator.com for more, and follow on Instagram @jewelrynavigator

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