With spring and summer as popular wedding seasons, that also means anniversaries!


Shop smart from your heart and your wallet!


In this episode, I share jewelry to give as new gifts, along with tips on how to pass along an heirloom piece for a gift.


Having a jeweler you know and trust is so important, because they can save you lots of money through repairs that revive old pieces.


I also share:

  • unique pearl jewelry gifts that are updates to your grandmother’s pearl necklace
  • the difference between fresh and saltwater cultured pearls
  • jewelry gifts for the guys
  • affordable options to refurbish old pieces to gift as heirlooms
  • and lots of unique jewelry designs set with beautiful gems and diamonds, created to celebrate what makes us special to each other from the giver to the recipient


Jewelry and Designers featured in this episode:


  • Veronica Eckert Studio
  • Galatea
  • Katherine & Josephine
  • Paul Michael Jewelry & Geek.Jewelry
  • Crash Jewelry
  • Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry
  • Hugo Kohl Jewelry
  • Ulman’s Jewelry, Fredericksburg, VA
  • The Jeweler’s Bench, Hershey, PA
  • California Girl Jewelry, San Francisco, CA
  • Marty Magic, Etsy
  • LJD Designs, Etsy
  • Cythra, Dan Popkie, Etsy
  • Smithsonian’s American History blog and article, “Love Tokens - Where Cold Hard Cash and Romance Meet”

By Museum Specialist Robyn Einhorn, 

February 11, 2014


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