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How to be Your Own Elegant Rebel With Sue Oster, Founder of Feral Jewelry

December 12, 2019

Sue Oster is the fearless force behind Feral Jewelry.
She shares an interpretation of life’s strength and vulnerabilities using her signature collections created with sustainable and ethically sourced precious materials, combining design elements to celebrate who we are and what makes us unique.

She IS the Elegant Rebel, and her MO of highlighting anomalies and unexpected elements are the thread with which she shares her creative vision and inspirations, defined by her philosophy of, “If a diamond is forever, life is eternal”.

“Susan Oster launched Feral Jewelry in 2016.  After twenty years working in interior design, she turned her attention to jewelry, focusing on her love of nature and animal forms. Feral is her unbridled look at what it means to be both glamorous and undomesticated - to love the great outdoors and also be completely feminine.  It is a fearless approach to self expression and statement of strength.  Each piece is handmade is the USA; all parts are organic, recycled, and constructed in the timeless tradition of fine jewelry.” - From Feral Jewelry’s Home Page

In the podcast, Sue shared some of her favorite Feral pieces, including her Antler Cuff bracelet in 18kt yellow gold, her Crystal Spike dangle bracelet, Thorn Hoop Earrings, and Spike Antler Ring.

Ethically and Responsibly Sourcing Materials

Feral Jewelry acquires materials from CITES certified sources, and Sue goes above and beyond to ensure that the fossils and natural materials she uses in her jewelry are authenticated and certifiably identified as ethically sourced.

CITES regulations use strict standards so selections are in the best interests of preservation and sustainability.

For more information about the regulations put into place by CITES, participating countries, see their website,


You can find Feral Jewelry on her website,

The Jewelry Bar in Palm Desert,

Vault Nantucket

Anne Emory Lockert, Birmingham, AL

Belle Cose, Jackson Hole, WY


Polishing and Finishing for Jewellers and Silversmiths Book Giveaway Winners

Last week, my guest on Jewelry Navigator Podcast was Stephen M Goldsmith, master polisher.

In his book, “Polishing and Finishing for Jewellers and Silversmiths”, Stephen shares techniques and methods he’s used to maintain some of Great Britain’s national treasures, as well as adding convincing details to current bespoke jewelry masterpieces created by Theo Fennell.

⁣He generously donated two signed copies of his book for a drawing to Jewelry Navigator Podcast listeners, and the winners are:


Cristina Tamames of Atlanta, GA, and

Scott Thompson of Nova Scotia


 This was the last Jewelry Navigator Podcast for 2019. Thank you to all the guests, subscribers, and listeners! It's truly been a pleasure sharing my jewelry discoveries of unique creations for those who want to stand out with jewelry created with purpose.


I’d love to know what you’d like hear on the podcast for 2020.


Email suggestions to

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Blessings for a lovely and safe holiday season, and I’ll be back soon with more jewelry stories and adventures!

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