Jewelry Navigator Summer Jewelry Adventures: From Florida to New York Jewelry Week


Between summer vacations, I visited jewelry designers this summer, and this video shares my jewelry adventures with them!


There is a coordinating video on Jewelry Navigator’s website, as well as on YouTube.


Jewelers, Designers, & Stores included in my adventures are:


Mary van de Aa

Anastasia Simes

Lily & Co Jewelers

Gigi Ferranti Jewelry

K8 Jewelry

Petite Baleine Jewelry

Eden Presley Jewelry

Elizabeth Moore

Noor Shamma

Sam Woermann

M. Kita Designs

Julie Lamb

Emily Kuvin Jewelry


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For more information on any of the designers featured in the video, reach out to them, as I know they would be delighted to help you with your dream jewelry designs!


All images and videos by Brenna Pakes, Jewelry Navigator



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