Mother’s Day Jewelry Shopping Guide


With Mother’s day coming up in less than two weeks, I thought I’d share some of my favorite jewelry designers  with shopping tips on how to make our moms happy this Mother’s Day!


Some people shy away from jewelry shopping afraid it’ll cost too much, but I have a wide selection to share from pleasantly affordable to high value jewelry treats.


From jewelry created from luxury cars to rings that reveal she’s a Wonder Woman and jewelry that honors moms of human and fur babies, this episode shares jewelry that shows all moms how special and deserving they are.


By the way, These ideas are for anytime and anyone, so don’t think they’re limited to Mother’s Day.


Be sure to Download this episode or bookmark the blog post for future reference for future gift ideas.


Thank you, and enjoy the episode!


Jewelers and designers featured in this podcast are:

-California Girl Jewelry of San Francisco

-Crash Jewelry, Los Angeles

-Paul Michael Jewelry, Pittsburgh

-Patrick Mohs Jewelry, Wayzata, MN

-Nayla Shami, Lubbock, TX

-Julers Row & Katherine & Josephine, New York

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