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Retail Survival - Supporting Small Businesses & Indie Jewelry Designers

May 8, 2020

I hope you’re staying safe and well, and I’m looking forward to when we can return to our places of work, get our hair cut, nails done, and get back to all those services and shops that are part of regular routines.

Part of the normal routine this time of year is shopping for the seasonal celebrations, like Mother’s Day and graduations.

But, shopping from our favorite stores doesn’t have to stop.

This podcast is dedicated to all the small businesses who’ve been doing what they can to serve their customers in spite of “closed doors” and customers sheltered in place.

I know it’s easy to swing by Target or Walmart and pick up what we need, but, small businesses need our support, and many are offering similar, and sometimes better, accommodations with deliveries, pick ups, and custom orders.

Milestones and accomplishments are traditionally celebrated with jewelry and keepsakes. The most unique selections are found in small and independent stores.  
The point of this podcast is to encourage you to support the small and local stores near you by reaching out and enlisting their help and services for your gift needs.

But on the flip side, while this may not be the best timing to make a significant purchase, don't forget that most small jewelry stores offer repair services.
Many repairs and remakes are reasonably priced options for refurbishing heirlooms and repairing a favorite item of jewelry stashed away in your jewelry box.

Mother’s Day Poem Sharing Support for Small Business and Indie Jewelry Designers

“Days before Mother’s Day, across the land, moms are busy with work at hand.

Many at home, others away, moms need a break on the 10th of May.

A jewel or a trinket in just the right measure, reminds every mom she’s a rare treasure.

Avoid the crowds, but leave us six feet, small businesses make shopping fun and neat.

Online, curbside, delivery or in person - shop small, buy local, mountains to coastal.

Small business is open with wonderful ways to celebrate Mom on the 10th of May!”

  • Brenna Pakes


Designers and stores mentioned in this episode:

  •  Designers and Small Indie Jewelers:
  • Petite Baleine Jewelry (Pam Waill)
  • Karin Jacobson
  • MINTON (assisting Direct Relief)
  • Emily Kuvin Jewelry
  • CRASH Jewelry
  • Mary van der Aa (assisting - Puppy Love all proceeds going to Best Friends Animal Society)
  • Joyce Morton (Mila & Such face masks


Stores and Boutiques:

  • Beauty Lounge, Summit, NJ
  • Robert Goodman Jewelers  Zionsville, IN




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