Tell your story and what makes you unique with the jewlry you wear.

This month, we look at green gemstones and jewelry treasures.

Tsavorite garnet was discovered alomst 5 decades ago in Kenya, Africa. A brilliant and bright green gemstone, tsavorite rivals the color, rariy and durability of emerald.

A selection of designers are featured in the podcast and coordinating blog post for you to see just how amazing their designs look with this spectacualr gem.

Spring break is here, and we visit the area that was once called the Pirate Coast of Florida, where a jeweler in Sarasota honors the old world techniques to make jewelry with a style that echos from the time when valuable treasures sailed coastlines around the world.

As a GIA Graduate Gemologist and Jewelry and Gemstone Consultant I Advocate for Indie Jewelers & Designers to Reach shoppers looking to stand out with quality designs and unique jewelry creations.


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