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Monday Jul 24, 2023

We all understand the importance of having special jewelry items appraised, but what happens after that?
How do you know what should be covered for loss or damage?
What can you do to protect your jewelry from loss if it doesn’t meet the value specification for insurance coverage?
Understanding how your insurance policy will cover your jewelry items in case of loss or damage is the first step.
These are just a few aspects about insuring jewelry that are addressed in this Jewelry Navigator Podcast episode with Mark Devereaux, Vice President of Sales and Distribution with Jewelers Mutual Group.

Thursday Jun 01, 2023

This has been one of the most popular episodes, so I'm re-publishing it as a great reminder for a summer project: cleaning out your jewelry box without tossing treasures!
Be sure to get your copy of the Jewelry Box Graveyard Cheat Sheet! You can find it on my Link Tree page through in my Instagram Profile. Click Here for yours!
How many times have you visited your jewelry box to discover twisted, tangled chains, orphaned, earrings, or rings missing gemstones?
Much of our forgotten jewelry is abandoned due to disrepair, but how can you tell what is worth keeping?
What looks like junk may be forgotten treasures!
In this episode of the Jewelry Navigator Podcast, I share a few helpful tips on what to look for to easily identify jewelry of value in your Jewelry Box Graveyard using clues from the metals with which fine jewelry is made.

Friday May 12, 2023

No other gemstone with the same rich, pure green as emerald, like the fine gem quality emeralds from sources like Columbia mines, and other location sources.
Fine quality emerald gems almost glow from within, and it’s no surprise that the verdant gem has enticed and captivated emperors, sovereigns, wealthy celebrities, and gem collectors from the beginning of recorded time. 
Today’s podcast continues my visit with Adrianne Sanogo, GIA Graduate Gemologist.
In this second part, we share details about emeralds and the best way to wear and enjoy them, what care and wear considerations to keep in mind, where they are mined, and even some of their interesting internal characteristics that are specific to certain mined locations.
Listening to this episode of Jewelry Navigator Podcast will give you a better understanding of emeralds and prepare you for shopping and caring for them in jewelry.Here are a few tips we discuss for deeper insights into emeralds and how to best care for this beautiful gemstone:
- The possible treatments and limitations to setting and wearing them in jewelry, especially rings, and bracelets.
-  While treatments are widely accepted, some gems like emeralds carry special considerations to protect the integrity of the stone and may need extra care.
- Common and accepted treatments of emeralds include surface fillers and oils for color stability 
- Due to their inherent inclusions and sensitive treatments, emeralds may need to be removed from settings during jewelry repairs to avoid possible damage from heating.
Catch up on the first part with Adrianne Sanogo where she shared what inspired her to become a gemologist, and how current issues affect choices for consumers on both sides of the jewelry sales counter.

Sunday May 07, 2023

Jewelry Navigator Podcast celebrates 100 episodes with a two-part feature with special guest, Graduate Gemologist, Adrianne Sanogo.
You’re in for a treat!
As Adrianne shared what inspired her to become a gemologist, our conversation meandered into topics of current interest to trade and consumers alike.
Be sure to subscribe and listen to today’s episode and the continuation later this week with insights into emerald -  this month’s birthstone.
As two gemologists with the same passion for informing and educating consumers, we enjoyed discussing how to broadcast the benefits of entering the field of gemology and how gemologists serve the jewelry industry from mom-and-pop jewelry stores to large corporations making major investment decisions.
These are just some of the nuggets I reveal in this fun and informal visit with phenomenal and accomplished Graduate Gemologist, Adrianne Sanogo.
Who is the consumer?
The consumer is not always the shopper.
Consumers are also others in the industry who can be served with current or new information.
Growing the future in geology with viable career paths:
- Transitional careers
- Science and Arts
- Jewelry Professionals
- Protecting Interests - forensic gemology
- Appraising
- Horology
- Bench jewelry design and repair
- Vocational interests
- Economic study of gem and mineral resources (geological resources)

Thursday Apr 27, 2023

Have you ever wanted to feel like a celebrity for a special event, like a milestone reunion, a wedding, or an award ceremony? 
Maybe you’d like to experience the feeling of adorning yourself with luxurious or high-end, designer fine jewelry, today’s Jewelry Navigator Podcast guest has the perfect solution!
Tanya Canfield, the founder of Trejours,  provides her customers with fine jewelry selections to enrich life celebrations and important occasions at a fraction of the cost.
From Riviera diamond necklaces to stand-out cocktail rings and iconic designer jewelry, Trejours customers can select up to three items to rent. It’s the perfect way to “test wear” or borrow the perfect jeweled accessory for celebrations, award events, and formal galas.In this Jewelry Navigator Podcast, “Rent Luxury Jewelry Treasures for a Celebrity Level Experience With Tanya Canfield of Trejours”,  Tanya shares her background in jewelry, what inspired her to start Trejours, and how her customers enjoy the benefits of luxury jewelry for special events with options to rent, and even purchase her borrowed treasures.

Thursday Apr 20, 2023

Sherrie Taylor, Graduate Gemologist, and Registered Master Valuer,  of S. Taylor Jewellery Appraisals and Consultation shares how she enriches the appraisal process with an often overlooked aspect of jewelry heirlooms. 
While the intrinsic characteristics of jewelry heirlooms determine their replaceable value,
their stories and meanings are what give them irreplaceable value.
In this episode, Sherrie shares how she takes the time to include these often omitted aspects of jewelry appraising that add an enjoyable dimension to her appraisal process.

Wednesday Apr 12, 2023

Did you know that diamond substitutes have been around for centuries? How do you know when a clear gemstone is a diamond?
On this week’s Jewelry Navigator Podcast, Brenna shares the more common diamond substitutes and why it’s important to understand their differences.

Friday Mar 31, 2023

As the start of a recurring series, this podcast focuses on aquamarine and its related gemstone varieties.
Did you know that aquamarine has a famous gemstone “sister”, known as emerald?
If you were looking for a larger gem to set into a fantastic new jewel, would you know which gem minerals to look to first?
In this episode, we explore the beryl family of gemstones, and what makes each variety unique, making beryl a beautiful bouquet of gem options!
 Each month, I will feature a different gemstone, most likely, the featured birthstone of the month, sharing a gemological overview and possible alternative options.

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