Diamond Shopping Tips & Debunking 4 Common Myths and Misconceptions

April is showered with diamonds as its birthstone.

In today’s episode, I help take the mystery out of understanding diamonds by revealing truths surrounding common myths and misconceptions about them.

Diamonds that glow?
A unicorn trapped inside a diamond?
Diamonds that swallowed other gem crystals?

It sounds like a surreal circus!

No - It’s just the world of diamonds!

What you don’t know about diamonds is a mystery now, but after today’s episode, your understanding about diamonds will be clearer, as we debunk a few of the common misconceptions about diamonds.

Featuring Stepping Stone jewelry, set with diamonds that glow, from Patrick Mohs Jewelry in WAYZATA, MN.

For show notes and photos of diamond inclusions and jewelry mentioned in the episode, please see the show notes in the blog post under the same name at

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