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Jewelry Navigator Explores What Inspires Jeweler and Artist, Christina Grace, Founder of Tin Haus

July 2, 2020

Last week, on Jewelry Navigator Podcast, “Here's to the Men in Our Lives - Jewelry to Celebrate Men and Dads”, I featured jewelry for men, and Tin Haus was featured with the Andromeda ring.

Christina Grace, founder of Tin Haus, is a Graduate Jeweler from GIA, an artist, and currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.


What inspires me the most about Christina is the unhindered path she creates for yourself.

When we tap into the stillness of our souls with courage and sincerity about what we want, we’re released of other’s expectations and assumptions, only then can we grow to express who we are, and what we value.

For Christina, her expertise is well rounded.
As a first generation American, her family immigrated to the States.

Her family moved to California, where Christina flourished within various art mediums, including performance and movie arts.

Learning to leverage where you are, with whom you can collaborate and grow creates a limitless path.

While exploring and expanding her collections, Christina  integrates her acquired knowledge with what inspires her.

Utilizing her education, background, and connections, Christina is creating a flight plan with her art and jewelry to inspire others to discover and celebrate their unique expression from their own self discovery.

You can find Tin Haus at and on Instagram @tin_haus

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Christina explained that her upcoming collection will be set with gems she's been hoarding, and just waiting to be enhanced by her designs.

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Christina said something  insightful during our conversation where she points out that there’s a reason why we’re attracted to jewelry and gemstones!


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