Jewelry that smiles?

 Dangling gold fish with diamond eyes?

This week I share this and more, like vintage treasures, old and new just in time for Mother’s Day jewelry shopping.

Last week, I introduced you to seven of my favorite designers and their jewelry, and this week’s episode is the continuation of my Mother’s Day Jewelry Shopping Guide!

If you didn’t get a chance to listen to last week’s episode, I share jewelry perfect for all our super hero moms, with photos accompanying the podcast in the blog post on

This week, I tell you about four designers who have made an impression on me:

Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry introduces us to Love Tokens, Dan Popkie and his goldfish necklaces, Hania Kuzbari Jewelry Designs and her smiling jewelry, and Hugo Kohl jewelry, making old jewelry new again.

At the end of the podcast and in the blog post, I’ll share coupon codes and special offers from the jewelers and designers.

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