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Noor Shamma Combines Beautiful Detail and Sustainable Practices For Universally Appealing Jewelry

March 29, 2020

As we wrap up Women’s History Month in a couple days, today, I share my visit with Noor Shamma, jewelry designer, single mother, and driven career woman.

Noor is the epitome of self motivation and drive.

She gracefully achieves balance and peace through her persona, jewelry designs, and practices  compassion through it all with sustainable practices in the sources she chooses for her jewelry.

While managing a full time career in marketing and communications with motherhood, Noor stays grounded through the creative processes of her eponymous jewelry collection and business, Noor Shamma.

Inspired by childhood creative passions of needlework, Noor combines detail reminiscent of meticulous needlework with the complexity inherent in architecture as main focal points of her aesthetic.

At the time I recorded my conversation with Noor, she had recently completed several shows and engagements with Noor Shamma jewelry, from New York at Metal and Smith to London Fashion Week.

Between then and now, the COVID-19 health crisis put a screeching halt to any and all gatherings, meetings, and shows.

We look forward to when we can share and see jewelry first hand at shows, but until then, I’ll continue to share the stories of designers and jewelry.

For now, enjoy Noor’s story, where I begin my visit with Noor as she explains that her “day” job is head of marketing and communications for a an exclusive university specializing in AI.


The full transcript of this podcast will be available within a day or so. visit my website, for the transcript along with photos and videos of Noor’s jewelry.

You can find Noor’s jewelry on her website, and on her Instagram account,


I’m in the process of creating new podcasts and ways to engage and stay connected during this time of quarantine and health alert.

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