Welcome to episode 6 of the Jewelry Navigator Podcast, and the part 2, and conclusion to last week’s episode, Diamonds Demystified with diamond insider and wholesaler, Marc Knobloch, vice president and third generation with Aron knobloch, Inc in New York’s Diamond District.

Last week, Marc called on his 30 years of experience to explain the importance of seeing a diamond and how leaning on its statstics on paper can lead to faulty comparisons;  what the most important of the 4C’s are in choosing a diamond;  the magic ingredient to choosing a diamond;  and explained the primary purpose for diamond certificates.

If you missed it, go back after this episode to catch up on what you missed in Part 1 from last week.

Today, we continue as Marc explains the process put in place by the industry to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the market.

Marc also shares a diamond’s journey from mine to market, and how diamonds positively affect communities and regions of their origins.

We share what our favorite diamond shapes are, and discuss what makes certain cuts different from the rest.


Thanks so much for joining us today for the conclusion of my visit with Marc Knobloch.

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