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Sunday Apr 28, 2019

Hello, and welcome aboard Jewelry Navigator Podcast - the place to learn jewlery tips and hacks, and where to find unique jewelry for those who want to stand out rather than blend in with trends.

My name is Brenna Pakes.


I'm a Graduate Gemologist, with a degree in geology.

Ever since I can remember, I've loved gemstones and jewelry.
After taking a basic course in geology in college, I was hooked on learning everything I could on how gems and minerals form.

After graduating with my geology degree, I decided to specialize in gemology, the study of gemstones and diamonds.


Shortly after beginning my jewelry career in my first job in Florida, the store suddenly closed.

I found myself with living expenses I couldn't afford, and needed a job quickly.
My father was a commercial airline pilot, and heard through the grapevine that American Arilines was hiring.

I'd always loved air travel, so I interviewed, was hired, and flew as a flight attendant for over a decade.


Once I married and started a family, my aviation career began winding down, and I returned to the jewelry industry on the retail side of the business for a small jewlery store.


Online shopping options and consumers' values have chnged the dyanamics of the retail landscape, especially for luxury goods, like jewlery.

Jewerly Navigator started as a blog to connect shoppers to unique jewelry created by independent deisgners.

In March, 2018, Jewelry Navigator Podcast was launched, and has grown to over 4,000 downloads as of April, 2019!


Each episode delivers either the story of a jewelry desginer who has caught my attention with use of unique settings and colorful gemstones, or shares tips to help the consumer make educated shopping choices.

As I continue to grow the reach of the podcast, I plan to add other ways I assist designers and retailers to serve consumers in their best interest.


You can find me on Instagram as Jewelry Navigator, on Facebook, or email me at

If you're enjoying the podcast - please share it with your family and friends who'd love to learn more about jewlery, and I invite you to share what you've enjoyed on the podcast in a review, and I'll be sure to mention you in future podcasts!

Thank you for listening, and until next time, Cross Check Your Sparkle!

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