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Welcome to episode 6 of the Jewelry Navigator Podcast, and the part 2, and conclusion to last week’s episode, Diamonds Demystified with diamond insider and wholesaler, Marc Knobloch, vice president and third generation with Aron knobloch, Inc in New York’s Diamond District.

Last week, Marc called on his 30 years of experience to explain the importance of seeing a diamond and how leaning on its statstics on paper can lead to faulty comparisons;  what the most important of the 4C’s are in choosing a diamond;  the magic ingredient to choosing a diamond;  and explained the primary purpose for diamond certificates.

If you missed it, go back after this episode to catch up on what you missed in Part 1 from last week.

Today, we continue as Marc explains the process put in place by the industry to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the market.

Marc also shares a diamond’s journey from mine to market, and how diamonds positively affect communities and regions of their origins.

We share what our favorite diamond shapes are, and discuss what makes certain cuts different from the rest.


Thanks so much for joining us today for the conclusion of my visit with Marc Knobloch.


Welcome to the Jewelry Navigator Podcast! I'm your host, Brenna Pakes!

What are diamond certificates? How should you use them to shop for diamonds?

Diamonds. Their sparkle has captured our attention and adorned women and men for centuries.

Last episode, we dispelled four common myths and misconceptions that make diamonds mysterious and sometimes confusing to shop for.

Today, we continue with how what you don’t know about diamonds could become expensive mistakes.

We visit with a third generation diamond specialist who provides diamonds to stores, jewelers and designers from his office in New York’s Diamond District.

Marc Knobloch, with thirty years in the diamond industry, and VP of AKI Diamonds and Jewelry, instills reason to shop with confidence for anyone preparing to purchase or upgrade a diamond, and explains why they’re still the go-to gemstone to stand the test of time for all generations.

Listen to find out what you need to know about a diamond’s certificate, what its real purpose is, how to choose the right diamond, and how the Kimberley Process  safeguards the industry’s supply of diamonds against questionable sources and intent.

This is part one of two podcasts. Marc shared so much great information with me that I separated it into two episodes, so I leave you hanging,but not to worry!

Look forward to next week’s conclusion from today’s episode!


Diamond Shopping Tips & Debunking 4 Common Myths and Misconceptions

April is showered with diamonds as its birthstone.

In today’s episode, I help take the mystery out of understanding diamonds by revealing truths surrounding common myths and misconceptions about them.

Diamonds that glow?
A unicorn trapped inside a diamond?
Diamonds that swallowed other gem crystals?

It sounds like a surreal circus!

No - It’s just the world of diamonds!

What you don’t know about diamonds is a mystery now, but after today’s episode, your understanding about diamonds will be clearer, as we debunk a few of the common misconceptions about diamonds.

Featuring Stepping Stone jewelry, set with diamonds that glow, from Patrick Mohs Jewelry in WAYZATA, MN.

For show notes and photos of diamond inclusions and jewelry mentioned in the episode, please see the show notes in the blog post under the same name at


Using luxury car parts to make jewelry as exclusive as the cars from which they were formed, Crash Jewelry is a unique line of jewelry created from a body shop garage in Los Angeles that specializes in repairing late model, high performance and luxury cars.

Cuffs, bangles, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, and rings made from the luxury, high gloss paint parts of Mercedes, Teslas, Maseratis, Porches, Ferraris and more, Crash Jewelry was started by accident, from accidents!

None of the vehicles used originate from incidents that result in totaled damages, only minimal damages sustained in parking lot dings and scratches.

A line of sustainable jewelry made from the cars we dream to drive, Crash Jewelry founder, Christi Schimpke shares what inspired her to make jewelry from car parts otherwise destined for landfills and scrapyards.


Celebrating spring with gems and jewelry is easy with tourmaline and spring cleaning tips for

repairs that save money with broken and damaged jewelry.


California Girl Jewelry offers value in jewelry set with rare and unusual gemstones.


An all women company, led by a mother-daughter duo in San Francisco, creates one of a kind jewelry pieces that endure time and trends with quality designs and high grade gemstones and precious metals.


Spring cleaning often uncovers treasures forgotten in jewelry boxes and drawers.

With a little knowledge of repair possibilities, old jewelry can be restored to be worn and enjoyed again.



Tell your story and what makes you unique with the jewlry you wear.

This month, we look at green gemstones and jewelry treasures.

Tsavorite garnet was discovered alomst 5 decades ago in Kenya, Africa. A brilliant and bright green gemstone, tsavorite rivals the color, rariy and durability of emerald.

A selection of designers are featured in the podcast and coordinating blog post for you to see just how amazing their designs look with this spectacualr gem.

Spring break is here, and we visit the area that was once called the Pirate Coast of Florida, where a jeweler in Sarasota honors the old world techniques to make jewelry with a style that echos from the time when valuable treasures sailed coastlines around the world.

As a GIA Graduate Gemologist and Jewelry and Gemstone Consultant I Advocate for Indie Jewelers & Designers to Reach shoppers looking to stand out with quality designs and unique jewelry creations.


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