Episode 21 And the Winners are…!!!  Juler's Row Giveaway, & A Look Back


As promised, today, I’ll be announcing the winners of the Julers Row Giveaway.

If you missed it, last week, in the Jewelry Navigator Boarding Lounge, Julie Bishop of Juler’s Row and Katherine and Josephine shared her story of how she successfully runs two jewelry businesses, IN


Episode 20 Back to School Jewels With Juler’s Row Home Decor Jewelry Art



We ran a giveaway contest for one of two of her jewelry theme decor items, of either a cushion cut diamond tote bag, or an Opal watercolor rendering canvas print, both with a retail value of $145, and both items are perfect for  back to school = the tote bag with its big, beautiful cushion cut diamond, and the opal watercolor print to brighten up and add sparkle to any dorm or apartment wall!


In the contest on Instagram, instructions were to like the posts, follow both me and Julie at Juler’s Row, and tag 3 friends to enter.


All of her jewelry and home decor items are made in the U.S., with the exception of the katherine and josephine satin straps, and

the artwork prints used for her Juler’s Row home decor items are all designed by Julie, and hand painted by her mother, Amy, also a designer.


Before I announce the winners, I want to thank everyone for listening and supporting Jewelry Navigator Podcast.


I’ve really enjoyed visiting with and sharing the jewelry and the designer’s stories with you.


I look forward to bringing more stories and helpful tips in upcoming episodes.


If you haven’t heard all the episodes, in today’s I re-cap a few of them so you can enjoy a quick synopsis, or created mental notes to go back and hear episodes you missed.


For the remainder of August, and possibly into the first week of September, I’ll be taking a hiatus, but will return with new episodes.


I’m taking time to assess where I can add and create valuable service to you as shoppers and listeners, as well as to the artists and designers I feature.


For now, let’s congratulate the winners of the Juler’s Row diamond tote bag and opal watercolor rendering canvas print


The Cushion Cut Diamond tote bag goes to  Lori Cooper @lcooperfabulous


and the Opal Print goes to Julie Bergstein Romenanko who is @justjulesllc on Instagram.


Congratulations to both Lori and Julie for winning Juler’s Row wonderful creations! I’m so happy for both of you, and thank you for following and supporting me and Julie on Instagram!


The format for the podcast has mostly been visits with guest designers and jewelers.


A few have been solo episodes where I’ve shared information that is probably not common knowledge for shoppers, and I hope has been helpful.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the jewelers and designers, and sharing their jewelry and stories with you.


The following are clips from six of the episodes - there are fourteen others waiting to be heard and enjoyed.



I met Samantha Jackson at a show in New York in February.

I was so excited to find her, and you can hear the rest of her story, but here’s a quick clip from Episode 14 The Virtues of Heavenly Vices Fine Jewelry With Samantha Jackson



Many of the designers I feature are women, but there’s one who captured my attention with her innovative concept of using the parts from late luxury and sports cars, like ferraris, maseratis, and prosches that sustained minor damages, from her husband’s auto body shop,

Christi Schimpke from the third episode, Q & A With Crash Jewelry Founder Christi Schimpke


It’s important to me to help shoppers understand the proper terminology and common misconceptions with jewelry terminology and concepts.

One of my pet peeves is referring to diamonds as chips, and the misnomer of using semi in combination with the word precious when describing gemstones.


Here’s a clip from

Episode 11 Chips are for Lunch, Not Diamonds and Other Helpful Jewelry Tips



Marc knobloch generously shared so much information on diamonds that i had to make two episodes!

Marc is a third generation diamond specialist in NY’s diamond district.


Marc and I spoke during the late afternoon while he was on his way home, so there are sounds of the city’s busy commute


He helped clarify a few of the complex concepts when shopping for a diamond, from

Part 1 and 2 of Diamonds Demystified with Diamond Industry Insider, Marc Knobloch




I love all jewelry, but have  a special place in my heart for colored gemstones, and when they’re big, rare, unusual and beautiful, I really take notice, like the jewelry made by CGJ by an exceptional mother - daughter team in San francisco.



Episode 10: Champagne, Rare Gemstones, and Jewelry With Denise Forbes of California Girl Jewelry




Capturing the essence and revealing the stories and meanings behind the styles and designs reflected by the significant cultural changes experienced during the Industrial Age in America is the gift Hugo Kohl offers through his exclusive vintage and antique style jewelry.


I was lucky to catch Hugo kohl of Hugo kohl jewelry  in the summer when things were a little slower, so was treated to a tour of his factory, workshop, boutique and museum

in Harrisonburg, VA.


He’s made a career from researching and discovering the tools and methods used to make the first jewelry created by the early methods and tools of the industrial era from the 1800’s.


The tour was recorded as the audio for the podcast, so you can hear the sounds of the machines, along with ambient music played at the work stations and in the museum which you can visit and tour


Episode 16 America’s Vintage Jewelry Legacy with Hugo Kohl of Hugo Kohl Jewelry


Thank you for joining me in these first few months of the podcast.


If you’ve enjoyed listening and learning about the jewelry and the designers, I’d so appreciate if you would leave a review, and be sure to visit their websites and instragram feeds and say hello, inquire about a gift design you have in mind, or just tell them how wonderful they are!


Until I return in September, reach out and say hello, tag me, message me - I’d love to hear from you!


And always remember - fasten you jewelry first before helping others with theirs!


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