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Thursday Mar 23, 2023

In this second part of It’s About Time - A Unique Twist on Luxury Watches with Kelly Juell of Juell time, Kelly shares the red flags to watch for when shopping for luxury watches and jewelry in the secondary markets.
She also discloses how the unique market position of low supply and high demand affects retailers of luxury watches and consumers seeking them out.
Some takeaways from my visit with Kelly Juell:
work with a trusted AD or reputable “gray market” dealer who has an excellent reputation and who will have your best interest at heart
because of its high demand, Rolex watches maintain and increase in value
when purchasing from a secondary market, understanding the value of the box, tag, and original enclosures may make a significant difference in a purchase and resale price.
This topic of luxury watches fits within my recurring theme of Trends and Traditions, and there is so much more to come!
I have some guests I’ll be recording within the coming weeks to add more to your working knowledge of jewelry you love, have, and want, so be sure you’re subscribed to the podcast on your favorite platform.

Tuesday Mar 21, 2023

Understanding common jewelry terminology is critical for shopping for and collecting jewelry.
Today on Carats and Coffee, I share what the difference is between two very similar jewelry and gem terms, karat with a "K", and carat with a "C".
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Thursday Mar 16, 2023

Kelly Juell, Founder of Juell Time, specializes in luxury watches with a different twist.
She customizes luxury watches, like Rolexes with jeweled and specialized alterations, transforming them into distinguished timepieces to complement her clients’ lifestyles.
Her working knowledge and familiarity with fine jewelry, watches, custom design, and jewelry repair provide Kelly expertise and background to succeed in the niche luxury watch market.
Kelly takes pride in the high quality of workmanship her customizations produce, seeking out the most qualified craftspeople who specialize in the high-skill stone-setting and alterations on her clients' watches.
As an advocate for anti-fraud practices, Kelly shares red flags to watch for when shopping for luxury watches in the secondary, or gray market.
Our visit together provided so many great tips and information that I had to split our visit into two episodes!
Other key points Kelly shares on Jewelry Navigator Podcast are:
When they customize a watch, Juell Time returns all original parts allowing the option to reinstate it to its original factory design.
How the term "custom" can be misleading and may often mean a significant decrease in value
How to research top sellers on secondary marketplaces like Ebay
Be sure to listen to both parts of the episode for ALL the details Kelly shares about how the supply and demand of luxury watches has created an entire sub-culture of jewelry businesses.
For questions and help with your own luxury watch, feel free to reach out to Kelly Juell of Juell Time.

Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

Carats and Coffee with Jewelry Navigator is a weekend bonus episode to be live stream recorded on Saturday mornings.
Come with your favorite morning beverage and jewelry questions for quick jewelry updates and news between weekly episodes.
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Thursday Mar 09, 2023

Since relaunching Jewelry Navigator Podcast a few weeks ago, I came across the perfect recorded conversation I had with a field "interpreter" at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas.
As the only gem diamond source in the United States of substantial finds, Crater of Diamonds State Park has a fascinating history and makes a unique destination for vacationers, gem and jewel collectors, and spring-breakers.
Significant diamond discoveries have been made by visitors to the park, several of which are over 10 carats!
To plan your visit to dig for diamonds, click the link below!
Crater of Diamonds State Park

Friday Feb 24, 2023

Jewelry Trends and Traditions for 2023 - An overview of current jewelry trends and steady traditions and how to balance the two for a lasting jewelry wardrobe.
Jewelry Trends and Traditions - Which One Should You Follow?
Jewelry is a personal way we express ourselves in every stage of life.
Trends reflect quick snapshots in time and capture mood and attitude, whereas traditions are more lasting.
I’ll be using the theme of Trends and Traditions as a guide to build on classic styles while blending expressive trends for an eclectic and lasting jewelry collection.
Publication references made in this episode:
"Everything You Need to Know About Traditional Design", By Sienna Livermore, Published October 12, 2018 House Beautiful
Harper's Bazaar, "The 2023 Jewelry Trends Experts Say Everyone is Wearing" by Amelia Madden, Published February 10, 2023
"The True Story of Chris Evert's Tennis Bracelet", The Aventurine, by Marion Fasel

Thursday Feb 16, 2023

Today’s podcast gives you a snapshot of the partnership and team of Tucson Todd’s Gems, and Mary van der Aa Fine Jewels that resulted in THREE  AGTA Spectrum Awards.
As vendors at the Pueblo Gem Show began packing their wares to return home, I had a few minutes with Mary and Todd. They shared how their gem and jewelry-making talents overlap resulting in award-winning jewelry.
Mary was selected as a winner in three categories for the AGTA Spectrum Awards  - an exceptional accomplishment in the world of fine gems and jewelry.

Sunday Jan 16, 2022

Horse Tails & Ant Hills - The Hidden Secrets of Garnets
FYI: Gemstones keep secrets, and it all starts with Horse Tails and Ant Hills!
Find out just what these cryptic clues mean in this week’s brand new, and the FIRST episode of Jewelry Navigator Podcast of 2022!
It’s the Year of the Tiger! Are you ready to POUNCE on more gem facts and jewelry stories?!
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